Janis Taube, M.D.

M.D. – Tulane University 

Department of Dermatology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Blalock 907

600 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD. 21287

Phone:  (410) 955-3484
E-mail:  [email protected]


Keywords: AstroPath, immunotherapy, biomarkers, multiplex IF, pathology

Research Activities

Dr. Taube’s research interests center on the immune evasion by solid tumors, specifically studying the PD-L1/PD-1 axis, and the identification of potential biomarkers that can help select patients with malignancies for novel immunotherapeutic treatment regimens.

Summary of Research Program

Dr. Taube is a pathologist, and she is one of the two PIs for AstroPath. She has developed and validated an approach for pinpointing ~40 immunoactive molecules across large areas of tumor tissue specimens. These maps are imaged using the AstroPath platform and linked through the database to other available data on the specimens and patients, including DNA and RNA-based studies, radiologic images, and clinical data such as treatments received and patient outcomes. For additional information, see https://idies.jhu.edu/astropath/

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