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We pride ourselves on the diversity and depth of our student body. Students work hard in the lab and are also involved members of the community. See what our students have to say about Hopkins and the graduate program, as well as about Baltimore and all of the interesting things our city has to offer!

I chose the Graduate Program in Immunology to pursue my interests the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate immunity with the hope of discovering the key underpinnings that are critical for keeping our cells healthy among the diverse genetic, environmental, and microbial threats. With the assistance of my PI Dr. Joel Pomerantz and the Graduate Program in Immunology, I am achieving my goals and making exciting biological discoveries in the regulation of immunity in health and disease while gaining a breadth and depth of biological knowledge through the rigorous coursework and lab- and program-specific journal clubs. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine also provides countless career development opportunities that have allowed me to build the skills I need to be a successful biomedical educator and future scientific leader. 


When I first started in the immunology graduate program under the Shastri Lab, I was welcomed by a tight-knit and diverse group of students and professors. Throughout my whole experience, I have seen first-hand the collaborative environment that Johns Hopkins has fostered within its immunology cadre. Any student would be fortunate to earn a spot in this graduate program because our coursework and the illuminating discussions we have during floor meetings make this a well-rounded graduate experience. Nevermind the world-renowned faculty, that's just icing on the cake.


What do you love about Baltimore?

I think Baltimore's most unique feature is the different neighboorhoods. Each one has a unique vibe and culture, so there is something here for everyone! When I am not in the lab, I like to get out and explore the community. You can find me rock climbing, running along the promenade, or eating icecream at B'More Licks! I love that Baltimore has a ton of parks, so you can enjoy nature while still being in the city.


What do you love about Baltimore?

I love that Baltimore is a very affordable city for graduate students. It’s not difficult to find a nice place to live not far from campus. There are many free or low cost events throughout the year so you never have trouble finding something to do! Additionally, Baltimore is in a very central location and not too far for a day trip to DC, Philadelphia, or even NYC.

As for me, outside of lab you can find me spending time with friends and checking out the excellent Baltimore food and bar scene, jogging along the waterfront, or climbing at Earth Treks Hampden.


What do you love about Baltimore?

Here at Hopkins and in Baltimore, there's plenty of things to do outside of the classroom and lab. Being someone who has a million hobbies/interests, this was a big draw for me. I joined the JHMI Choral Society, found a group who love board games as much as I do, connected with others who go hiking regularly, and there's still so many more opportunities to connect with others in the community.


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