Jamie Spangler, Ph.D.

BS in Biomedical Engineering – Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. in Biological Engineering – Massachusetts Institue of Technology
Post-Doc – Stanford University School of Medicine

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Whiting School of Engineering
School of Medicine
400 N. Broadway, Smith 5011
Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: (443) 287-2708
Email: [email protected]


Keywords: Immunoengineering, Protein design, Structural biology, Immunotherapeutics 

The repertoire of naturally occurring proteins is finite and many molecules induce multiple confounding effects, limiting their efficacy as drugs. Recently, there has been a growing interest in harnessing protein engineering and evolutionary technologies to overcome the deficiencies of molecules found in nature. Researchers have traditionally taken an unbiased approach to protein engineering, but as our knowledge of protein structure-function relationships advances, we have the exciting opportunity to apply molecular principles to guide engineering. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and exclusive molecular design insights, the Spangler lab implements a unique structure-based engineering approach to elucidate the determinants of protein activity in order to inform therapeutic development. We are particularly interested in engineering antibodies to bias immune activity for applications in cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmune disorder treatment. Building on biophysical insights and new engineering platforms my group has developed, our research is establishing and pre-clinically evaluating protein-based therapeutics that target immune diseases. 

Publications and Interests: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/myncbi/1rmI4CmFSty5I/bibliography/47948244/public/?sort=date&direction=ascending

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