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Jungsan Sohn, Ph.D.

B.S. -University of Michigan
Ph.D.- Duke University

Associate Professor
Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry,
Department of Oncology (Cancer Chemical & Structural Biology)
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
725 N. Wolfe St. WBSB 615
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 443-287-1957

Keywords: innate immunity, DNA sensing, cytokine storm, structural biology, mechanisms, autoimmunity 


The human innate immune system plays a vital role in defense against various maladies, such as pathogen invasion, dysfunctional organelles, and cancer formation.

Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which our innate immune system (1) senses molecular patterns that signify various assaults, (2) coordinates signal integration at each step of the cascade, and (3) becomes dysregulated and elicits auto-inflammatory responses.

We use multiple cutting-edge and classic biophysical molecular biology approaches in our research: cryo-EM, steady and pre-steady state kinetics, Rosetta computational suites, mathematical modeling, X-ray crystallography, SAXS, cellular report assays, and various imaging techniques.


Lab website: