Stuart Ray, M.D.

M.D. – Vanderbilt University 1990

Professor of Medicine, Oncology, and Health Sciences Informatics
Vice Chair of Medicine for Data Integrity and Analytics
Scientific Director, JHU Laboratory for Integrated NanoDiagnostics

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Center for Viral Hepatitis Research
855 N. Wolfe Street, Rangos 530
Baltimore, Md. 21205

Phone: (410) 614-2891
E-mail: [email protected]


Key words: Immune evasion, immunovirology, computational biology, neutralizing antibodies, host-pathogen interaction, hepatitis, HIV.

Our laboratory is involved in determining the links between viral sequence variation and viral disease pathogenesis. The major focus is on sequence variation of hepatitis C virus (HCV) during acute infection, the host immune mechanisms that drive sequence variation, and the degree to which that sequence variation is a mechanism for viral persistence. These investigations are in turn linked to our studies of the cellular and humoral immune responses to HCV infection, including T cell receptor gene rearrangements, and in vitro neutralization assays using novel particles (both newly- isolated and computationally-generated). The immunological work is a long-term collaborative effort with Dr. Andrea Cox, and with Justin Bailey who recently became a faculty member and leads the humoral work. The sequence analysis has required development of novel sequence analysis software, as well as long-amplicon amplification and sequencing techniques. We also collaborate in analyses of sequence variation of other pathogens, including human immunodeficiency virus (collaboration with Dr. Siliciano) and hepatitis B virus. In 2015 we launched the Laboratory for Integrated NanoDiagnostics, for which I oversee faculty at JHMI and JHU Homewood in 4 scientific pathways that comprise colorimetric assays, fluorimetric assays, nucleic acid quantitation, and lens-free cell imaging.

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