Fan Pan

Fan Pan, MD, PhD
M.D. – Shanxi Medical University (Medicine)
Ph.D. – Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine (Immunology)

Associate Professor
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins
The Bunting-Blaustein Cancer Research Building
1650 Orleans Street, Room 452
Baltimore, MD 21287

Office: 443-287-7264
E mail:



Key words: Mechanisms of T cell development, cancer immunotherapy

My overall research interests concern the molecule mechanisms controlling the development, lineage stability and function of T cell subsets. Particularly, we focus on Treg and effector T cell populations important for immune control or immune activation.

Current research in our lab is focused on the following:
1. Understanding the role and regulation of Eos and other Foxp3 co-regulator molecules in Treg cell phenotype
2. Exploring the regulation of Foxp3 and Treg function by posttranslational modification pathways.
3. Investigating the intersection of immune cell function and differentiation with metabolic pathways

We employ molecular, biochemical, and mouse genetic approaches to define the molecules involved in effector T cell and Treg lineage determination. Understanding the differentiation and function of these cells at the molecular level will shed light on the mechanisms of immune regulation and may eventually provide novel immunotherapies for human autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Profile: Publications and Interests