Elizabeth M. Jaffee

Elizabeth M. Jaffee, M.D.
M.D. – New York Medical College

Professor, Department of Oncology
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
CRB –I, Room 4M07
1650 Orleans Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Phone: (410) 955-2957
E-mail: ejaffee@jhmi.edu



Keywords:  tumor immunology, T cell biology, tumor micro-environment, cancer vaccines

My laboratory has two main areas of on-going research. The first area focuses on developing vaccines strategies that augment antitumor immune responses. Our group has extensive experience studying murine antitumor immune responses that are generated following vaccination with tumor cells genetically altered to secrete cytokines in a paracrine fashion. This strategy is already being translated into clinical trials. More recently, my laboratory is employing a transgeneic mouse models of breast and pancreatic cancers to study the interactions of the tumor micro-environment, the tumor, and the immune reactions that shape the overall tumor miero-environment.

The second area of research focuses on the evaluation of human immune responses following vaccination in patients.  We have now developed a large bank of immunized specimens from multiple clinical trials.   We have developed functional genomic and proteomic approaches to identify the immune targets of the vaccine induced immune response.  We have identified a number of new proteins that are serving as antigens against which to understand how to induce an effective immune response against cancer in patients.  These new proteins are also associated with cancer development and progression, and the development of immune tolerance.

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