Diversity and Inclusion

D&I at the School of Medicine

Diversity is an integral part of the graduate programs at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Many students across various disciplines work together to honor and improve diversity and inclusion by taking part and leading in the following student groups:


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D&I in the Graduate Program in Immunology

It has become abundantly clear that a diverse and inclusive research environment improves research quality. In the GPI, we are dedicated to working as a team to identify and tackle implicit biases, honor the diversity and culture we bring to our institution, and work toward a more inclusive environment for all. 

Heres how we are taking action:

Dedicated Leaders

In the Fall of 2020, the Graduate Program in Immunology created a new student leadership position dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the program.


Our diversity leaders organize workshops meant to bring awareness to issues related to diversity and inclusion, teach us how to be better allies for our community and promote a positive learning environment for everyone.


Student diversity leaders liase with program administration and other student groups to build towards a more inclusive ennvironment.

Meet Your Student Leaders!

As a first-generation college graduate and the first in my family to attend graduate school, much of my success as a student has come from self-guided learning and support from my peers and mentors. My goal as a D&I student leader is to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in academic and laboratory settings. I hope to facilitate more discussions among students and faculty to help us recognize the diversity and strength that we as individuals bring to our program and provide an outlet to discuss evidence-based practices for generating culturally responsive and inclusive training environments.

Jackie B.

I am the child of a Colombian immigrant and an American citizen. Growing up with these two cultures provided me with a unique perspective. While I feel I have had privileged educational experiences, statistics indicate that I am one of the few and not the many. The responsibility to increase representation of BIPOC students in science truly falls on all of us. It is with this passion that I support the GPI mission to improve diversity and to create a more inclusive environment not only for the sake of equity but because it benefits the quality of science and education.”

Marisa M-F.

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