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Instructions for Application

When preparing your application please follow the instructions on the application form.  In addition please read the instructions below.  These items either represent key pieces of information that are frequently late and delay review or are additional information we need for the review process.  Incomplete applications are difficult to fairly review.


Arrange to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) General test as soon as possible so that the scores can be reported to us by the application deadline which is December 1.  Taking the GRE Subject Test is optional but the same deadline applies.  The JHU SOM GRE/TOEFL Institution Code is 5316 (GRE scores are good for 5 years).

Transcripts & Recommendation Letters

Arrange to have all undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate school transcripts and at least three letters of recommendations sent to the address below. The preferred method for submission of recommendation letters is the on-line recommendation system ApplyYourself.

The Office of Graduate Student Affairs
1830 E. Monument St., Suite 620
Baltimore, Maryland  21287
Phone: (410) 614-3385

Topics of Interest

Please choose from the following topical areas of those that are of interest to you.  Note: these topics represent active research areas in the Graduate Program in Immunology.  This information will assist us in the review process.